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Hello and welcome. I set up Galloway Holistic Retreats in 2016 and I’m very excited about building a successful and relaxing retreat experience for my clients.  Before moving into the wellness industry, I spent 20 years as a High School teacher, delivering English.  I have first hand experience of surviving in a stressful, demanding career and I consequently know how important it is to take time out to recharge the batteries.

My particular interest is creative writing and I am very keen to run writing workshops during my retreats, as I find the whole writing process in itself therapeutic.  I do hope you will join us at Galloway Holistic Retreats and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Susan started practising yoga in 1973 and settled into a regular practice after moving to Dumfries and Galloway.  Susan has been teaching since 2007 and has been influenced by a number of inspirational teachers including Jo Kirke, the late Margo Romberg, Elaine Ormiston, Jean Stewart and Jackie Le Brocq.  Susan adapts the teaching to the individual and employs the approach of teachers like Paul Grilley and Peter Blackaby whose teachings are sensitive to differences in people’s anatomy.

Susan also teaches qigong  (Chinese energy exercise related to taiji), so is very keen on exploring how energy moves within the body in both disciplines.  Susan is training with qigong master Gordon Faulkner and Master Chen Lisheng of Wudang.  Susan also practises mindfulness meditation and incorporates this into her teaching.  She sometimes blogs under the heading ‘Ocean of Calm’. Classes are available in Dumfries and Lockerbie.

Mairi has been practising Reiki, Seicham and Sakara Healing since 1999, and teaching Reiki and Seicham since 2001, after completion of her mastership. She also has an interest in crystal healing and utilises it within her Reiki treatments.

She is a trained Swedish Massage therapist and also holds a diploma in Aromatherapy, having studied both over a number of years at Kilmarnock College, and for 20 years Mairi has been working with her psychic and clairvoyant abilities.

Elizabeth works with various forms of energy to bring the body and soul back into balance. Some of the methods she uses involve colour, crystals, sacred geometry, oils and sound. She also practices and teaches both Angelic Reiki and Usui Reiki. She is an experienced past life regressionist and offers this as well as past life healing and readings.

Her work with colour has led her to a new healing modality that she has named Arco Iris Healing, which is Portuguese for rainbow. This healing method aims to bring the chakras and whole energy body back into balance and works on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

She is at present writing a course for this so that she can pass it on to others. Through this work she also brings guidance through to help clients with their life path and purpose and she runs workshops and meditation groups on subjects such as chakras, auras, crystals, past lives and Atlantis and Lemuria.


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